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Express Scripts $500,000 Performance Surety Bonds

Express Scripts now requires certain pharmacies that contract with them to obtain a $500,000 performance surety bond.  This performance surety bond guarantees that pharmacies will uphold the terms of their contract with Express Scripts and that they will act in accordance with the contract.

Express Scripts $500,000 Performance Surety Pharmacy Bonds To receive a quote for the
Express Scripts Surety Bond,
please complete and return the
Surety Bond Application Form *

To receive more information or get a free quote, please call our office or email one of our Express Scripts Surety Bond specialists: Dee Berger or Rambha McCanless.

Our Published Article on Pharmacy Bonds

  For more information on the various Pharmacy Bonds,
please read our featured Article published in
The Pharmacists Society of the State of New York (PSSNY)'s
New York City Pharmacists Society (NYCPS) Newsletter,
in the October 2018 issue, on Page 14.

Certain pharmacies who wish to contract with Express Scripts are required to furnish a performance surety bond in the amount of $500,000. The performance bond will essentially guarantee to Express Scripts that the pharmacy will abide by Express Scripts contract.  The surety bond was put into place to protect Express Scripts in the event the pharmacy breaches the agreement.

The pharmacy must post the Express Scripts Surety Bond and maintain the Express Scripts Surety Bond for a minimum of two years.

We offer competitive pricing and superior service on Express Scripts Surety Bonds.   We will find the best possible price for your Express Scripts Surety Bond given your particular qualifications.

To apply for the $500,000 Express Scripts Performance Surety Bond please fill out the Surety Bond Application Form or give us a call.

* Instructions for electronic PDF forms: This form can be completed on your computer and then sent back to us via email or fax.  First, complete the form by typing in your information. Then, click on 'File' and 'Save As' to save the completed form on your computer or print the completed form. Then, email the completed form as an attachment to Pharmacy@RosenzweigInsurance.com or fax the printout of the completed form to (516) 358-7940.


All bonds and rates are subject to company approval.


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